Monday, September 19, 2011

How to make your foam mold insert for your shoulder mount.

Ok you must get one litter white and one litter black foam for making a mold, and depending on your head you are mounting you will need more foam or less foam.....anyway say you only need one litter you will put 500 ml of black foam in a cup and only 450 ml of white foam in a cup then you put both in the microwave for 15 seconds the you add the back into a dish then well stirring it you add the white and mix for afew minutes then poor both into you mold and it will rise, this takes about 3-4 minutes to harden, but you must first layer you mold with normal floor wax into the inside of your mold so that the foam wont stick to it. and that's ball there is to it. the photos added here do have the horns added and eyes with glay already, this can be done before or after the skin is added i personalty prefer to do this when the skin is already on but i will talk about that on another day.

Friday, June 25, 2010



Friday, May 28, 2010

how to do a horn mount.

OK today we are going to look at how to do a horn mount; first we cut the skull at the base of the horns, normally just the top of the skull. Then we drill two holes in each horn, just with a 4mm drill bit and then boil the whole thing. After all that’s done we soak just the skull part of the horns in H2O2 hydrogen peroxide for about a week. This should give the skull the whitens you want. When all this is dry, fill the holes you made in the horns with clay and paint them the color of the horn. Now the horns are ready to be mounted on the wood or what ever other stand you want, finish this off by varnishing the horns to bring out the natural color, and then varnish the remaining skull.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Making a display stand.

Hey I just wanted to give you an idea on how to make a display stand for your skulls and bones, I will be putting pictures of this on soon but for now this is how its done....take polystyrene and use a knife or a wood carving tool to make it look like stone, this is real easy to do and once this is done you must use a flame to malt it so that it starts to look smooth. Then you can paint it to look like the rock you would like and display your bones. This might not make a lot of sense right now but when you start you will soon start to see how it all works. When I upload the pictures you will see how nice this looks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

H2O2 in microwave!!

Hi I was doing some research last night and came up with a new way to use hydrogen peroxide, if you put the bone that you want cleaned in a dish and fill it with H2O2 ( hydrogen peroxide) and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes it turns white just like that.

Now a warning I have never done this before so I do not know what the out come will be or what might happen to the microwave!! But I have seen this done before and it looks nice but once again be careful with this if you try it.

if you are wondering how H2O2 works,let me explain. The hydrogen peroxide oxygenates the bone and in that reaction any in-purities are pushed out and thats why it turns white.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dermestid beetles.
If you’re going to continue cleaning bone, or working with small bones you may want to start a dermestid colony. Dermestids or museum beetles are a group of small meat eating beetles whose larva can clean a skull within one day and they do not eat your bones no matter how small they are. This method is used by professionals and is every good. You can get these beetles at universities that study zoology and at museums. Once a colony is set up it does not take much to keep them happy and alive, as long as you put them in a warm place above room temperature they will live just fine.

bacterial your bones.

Hey!! Here is an other way to clean bones….Remove ant flesh and skin from the bones and put them into a container with water, leave the container in a warm location where it can smell and it wont bug you or anyone ells. Every week pour out the water and put new water in, do this till the water starts to stay clean even when there bones in it. This method is called the bacterial action and when the water starts to stay clean it means that the bacteria have run there course. After all this soak the bones in regular drugstore strength hydrogen peroxide until it reaches the whiteness you like. This also sterilizes the bones…hope this helps you :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

how to clean skulls and bones.

Hi I've started a new blog and i soon will be talking about bones and skulls and how to clean them and to share some of my techniques with you. I will be putting pictures on as well of thing that i have done over the years. It has taken me many years to find what i now know. so hopefully this will help you. I've had this hobby for years and it’s always fun and exciting


Ok 101 on how to remove flesh from a skull or any bone….first take a knife (not your mom’s kitchen knives) and take as much of the flesh that you off, then take the skull (bone) and put it in a pot (once again not your mom’s pots) and put water in it just enough to cover the skull (bone) and start boiling it. The best water that you can use is rain water but any water will do just fine.

Once you see that all the flesh is soft and easy to fall off take the skull (bone) and remove once again as much as you can, this time you should not need a knife. Then if you really want a nice white skull boil it again in soda ash (you should be able to get it from a swimming pool shop) and surf washing powder. Then boil it for like 30 minutes and then put it in the sun to dry for like a week. Ok that’s the basics for now, I will be adding more techniques soon and then I will be talking about how to put your cleaned skulls and bones on display and how to make homemade display