Monday, September 19, 2011

How to make your foam mold insert for your shoulder mount.

Ok you must get one litter white and one litter black foam for making a mold, and depending on your head you are mounting you will need more foam or less foam.....anyway say you only need one litter you will put 500 ml of black foam in a cup and only 450 ml of white foam in a cup then you put both in the microwave for 15 seconds the you add the back into a dish then well stirring it you add the white and mix for afew minutes then poor both into you mold and it will rise, this takes about 3-4 minutes to harden, but you must first layer you mold with normal floor wax into the inside of your mold so that the foam wont stick to it. and that's ball there is to it. the photos added here do have the horns added and eyes with glay already, this can be done before or after the skin is added i personalty prefer to do this when the skin is already on but i will talk about that on another day.

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